Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide is designed to have you up and running with PrimoCache in the shortest time possible, and was written with the most typical use cases. For complete information on PrimoCache, start with the Online Help.

PrimoCache is built on a sophisticated principle that provides data caching for local hard drives in order to improve OS performance and response to user requests. It's best if you are familiar with the data caching and how it works in PrimoCache. We encourage you to read about the PrimoCache Principle before getting started. For now, we'll walk you through the basic steps needed to install and configure PrimoCache.

Install PrimoCache

To get started, download the PrimoCache setup program from the official website first. And then run the .exe file and install PrimoCache as you would any other Windows program. If you have already installed PrimoCache you can skip to the next step.

Set Up Caching

Once you have completed the installation process, you are ready to speed up disk access by setting up caching for disk volumes which are of interest to you. Just follow the directions and PrimoCache will walk you through it. Once you successfully complete the setup, PrimoCache will start caching immediately and do all the caching process in the background. There's nothing else you need to do other than enjoy the benefits gained from the data caching.

Control Caching

You usually don't need to concern yourself with the caching process. However, if you want you can freely control it by pausing, resuming, clearing or purging the cache of the entire caching process or an individual volume. You can also change the caching configuration at any time to tune the caching process.

Stop Caching

The caching process keeps running in the background and automatically starts at Windows boot once you set it up. You have to explicitly stop the caching when you don't need it any more.

Trouble Shooting

We hope you enjoy PrimoCache and find it useful and easy to use. If you have problems or questions during using PrimoCache, you can check FAQ & Known Issues first. If none of them helps you resolve the problem, email support@romexsoftware.com or post in the forum for further assistance.