Command Line Interface (CLI)

PrimoCache includes a command line interface that provides flexible, scriptable access to essential PrimoCache operations from the command shell.

PrimoCache command line tool, rxpcc.exe, is installed in the folder where PrimoCache is installed (for example, C:\Program Files\PrimoCache). For convenience, set your PATH environment variable to include this directory.

The command line tool requires Administrative privileges. On Windows Vista or newer operating systems that have UAC enabled, run it from a Command Prompt window that is launched by performing the following actions:

  • Right-click a Command Prompt shortcut.
  • Click Run As Administrator.

Command Line Syntax

rxpcc <command> [<option>...]

<command>    Specifies a PrimoCache command (see command list below).
<option>...  One or more options that modify a command.

The following conventions are used in the command line tool:

  • Expressions surrounded by angle brackets (<>) are required.
  • Expressions surrounded by square brackets ([]) are optional.
  • Commands are case insensitive, but options are case sensitive.

For the help of this CLI program, type:

rxpcc /?

Command List

ls           Displays a list of volumes, cache tasks, or/and level-2 storage.
new          Creates a new cache task.
del          Stops and deletes a cache task.
pause        Pauses a cache task.
resume       Resumes a cache task.
dwpause      Flushes and pauses the defer-write function of a cache task.
dwresume     Resumes the defer-write function of a cache task.
dwflush      Flushes the deferred write-data in a cache task.
clear        Clears cache contents in a cache task.
join         Adds volumes to an existing cache task and makes volumes cached.
leave        Removes volumes from cache tasks and makes volumes non-cached.
edit         Modifies the cache configuration of a cache task.
status       Displays the cache status of a cache task.
perf         Displays or resets the performance statistics of cached volumes.
export       Exports the cache configuration of a cache task to a file.
import       Displays the cache configuration stored in a configuration file.
storage      Creates and manages level-2 storage.
im           Manages the Invisible Memory.
mem          Displays current system memory information.
lic          Inputs the license information and activates the program.
ver          Displays version and license information.
?            Displays help messages.

For detailed command and option information, type:

rxpcc ? <command>

Exit Code

The command line tool will return an exit code of 0 if the command was executed successfully, 2 if the command line inputs were invalid, 3 if the command failed, or 4 if the user canceled the command.


The command line tool cannot run with PrimoCache GUI program at the same time. You must close the GUI program while running the CLI program, otherwise "Multiple Instances" error displays.