Excellent Software Caching Solution to Accelerate Storage

Load Apps and Data Faster

Effectively cache your frequently used applications, documents and other data into faster storage devices, accessing them at up to RAM-like or SSD-like speeds. Make your computer more responsive for creating, gaming and producing, with less boot and load times.

Accelerate Writing

Complete write requests very quickly by temporarily storing incoming data into RAM or SSD storage first and writing them back to target disks later. Enable your computer to handle heavy or stream write IOs, while reducing writes and wear on disks.


As measured on a mechanical hard drive with PrimoCache RAM caching, the drive benchmark scores increased more than 70 times in sequential read/write, and more than 500 times, even to 1000 times, in 4KB random read/write.1

Various and Tiered Caching Storage

Capable of interoperating with almost all faster storage devices, including system memory, invisible memory, solid-state drives and flash drives, to accelerate relatively slow storage.

Two-level caching architecture is created, able to run RAM and SSD caching concurrently. RAM cache is ultra-fast, while SSD cache offers larger capacity and persistent cache. Using only single caching storage is also available.

Simple and Flexible

Setup caching and accelerate storage in just few simple clicks! Special features such as multiple caching strategies, different writing modes, individual read/write space and individual volume control, make caching flexible to various scenarios.

No Data Migrations or Proprietary Hardware

No need to reinstall Windows or applications, no need to migrate documents or data, no need to change computer infrastructure, and no need to invest in proprietary hardware! Enjoy the benefits of storage acceleration in almost any computer.

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1 The benchmark tests were performed with the following system configuration: HP OMEN II Notebook, Intel HM170 (Skylake PCH-H), Intel Core i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz, Kingston DDR4-2133 16GB x2 (32GB), HGST HTS721010A9E630 (1TB, 7200RPM, SATA3, 32MB), Windows 10 Home x64 Build 17134.619. Cache configuration and workloads used in benchmark tests were optimized for maximum performance. Results may vary by any change to system or software configuration.