Activate & License Your Primo Ramdisk

If you have enjoyed your Primo Ramdisk Trial and want to permanently activate it, you need to buy a license of Primo Ramdisk first. The Primo Ramdisk Trial is the same software as the licensed version, except the Trial lasts only 30 days. All functionality is the same, so you do not need to remove and reinstall the software for activation.

When you own a license of Primo Ramdisk, follow the steps below to activate and license your Primo Ramdisk copy.

Step 1. Open Primo Ramdisk and click on the Activate Primo Ramdisk icon button in the toolbar at the top of GUI window.

Step 2. From here you have two choices on how to activate the software: Online Activation and Offline Activation.

Step 2-a. Online Activation
If you have access to the Internet, you are recommended to use the online activation.
Enter your user name and activation code which you received from the order email. Click Activate.

Alternatively, Step 2-b. Offline Activation
If you don't have access to the Internet, you may use our offline activation service as well. But it takes some time.
1) Choose Activate using a license key file, and then choose A key file for product ID.
2) Copy your product ID and email it to us (Order Service). You will receive a key file for this product ID within one business day.
3) Click Browse to navigate to the key file you received.
4) Click Activate.

Step 3. Please wait while the software installs your license. After the license is successfully installed, you will see the message below.

Step 4. Now restart the computer to finally activate your Primo Ramdisk. When the software is successfully activated, you will see Registered in the title bar of the software.


Q: My trial period has expired and all the ramdisks disappeared. Can I still activate the software and get my ramdisks restored?

A: Yes. If your trial period has ended, you may still activate your Primo Ramdisk. All your settings and ramdisks will be automatically restored when the software is activated.