License Limitations and Policies

A single license can only activate a specified number of computers. Once a computer is successfully activated, it will be permanently tied to this license and cannot be deactivated even in future you will uninstall the licensed product from this computer. When a license has already activated the maximum number of computers permitted, it cannot activate other computers any more.

You can do the activation process on an activated computer unlimited times as long as you didn't change the computer's motherboard. These operations will not consume the license. So you don't have to worry when you reinstall operating systems. Likewise, activations in multiple operating systems installed in one same computer are only counted as one single computer activation.

Virtual machines are treated as standalone physical computers, so they also consume licenses.

Considering the requirement of computer replacement, now we offer transferring licenses to new computers of yours, if you use online activation only. When you replace the computer's motherboard or the whole computer, you may email us for the license transfer request. We will complete the deactivation process, update the license and then inform you. Each license can be updated up to 5 times (Personal License) / 3 times (Business License), except otherwise agreed by the contract.