VSuite Ramdisk Unofficial Translations

The following translations are made by the volunteers, they are of unknown translation quality or might not be maintained actively. If you have fixes, comments or suggestions about a particular translation, please contact its translator.

Thank all the translators.

Note: For the sake of convenience, all the language packs are merged into one pack starting from version 4.0 (Paid Editions) or version 1.12 (Free Edition).

Language Native Translator Contact Information Last Update
Russian Русский Dmitry Yerokhin erodim@mail.ru 2010-06-01
Japanese 日本語 wwwcfe wwwcfe@live.com
visit wwwcfe's website
Hungarian Magyar Nagy István nistvan18ramdisk@freemail.hu 2010-06-01
French Français Sylvain St-Amand sst@videotron.ca 2010-06-01
Polish Polski Łukasz Bakuła www.bakulik.pl 2010-06-01
Spanish Español P. Valentín Sanz CM vsanzglez@gmail.com 2010-06-01
Persian فارسی Hessam Mohamadi 2010-06-21

All-in-One Packs

(Including English, Simplified Chinese 简体中文)

Free Edition v1.18.1531.1240               Download Site 1        Download Site 2        Download Site 3

Standard Edition v4.6.3531.1240         Download Site 1        Download Site 2        Download Site 3

Professional Edition v4.6.5531.1240    Download Site 1        Download Site 2        Download Site 3

Server Edition v4.6.7531.1240             Download Site 1        Download Site 2        Download Site 3