PrimoCache Change Log

The following is a summary of the changes made to PrimoCache. The changes are listed with the most recent first.

v3.0.2 (2017-12-21)

  • Fix bug: Possible BSOD when delete an empty cache task.
  • Fix bug: Once a cache task failed to start at Windows startup, whatever configuration you change later, no volume can be added to this cache task successfully.
  • Fix bug: GUI program is not minimized at Windows startup on some computers.
  • Fix bug: Some problems related to the GUI tray icon.
  • Fix bug: On Windows 10 16299, if PrimoCache GUI is open, Windows shows "this app is preventing logoff/shutdown" when logoff/shudown the computer.
  • Other improvements.

v3.0.1 (2017-12-04)

  • New Features:
  • Support write-caching on L2.
  • Allow individual read and write cache space.
  • Allow specifying different cache configuration for each target volumes within a cache task.
  • Support converting a L2 storage volume to a normal volume. In previous versions, users have to go to Windows Disk Management to delete the partition and then create a new volume.
  • Changes/Optimizations:
  • Remove the "Cache Strategy" setting when set up a cache task because now the Read/Write Cache Ratio implicitly indicates the cache strategy.
  • Optimize internal caching algorithm.
  • Reduce cache memory overhead.
  • Statistics: add Total Write (L1/L2), and rename Total Write (Done) to Total Write (Disk).
  • GUI: Able to resize the status and the statistics list boxes, and remember the layout.
  • GUI: Able to resize and remember the width of each column in list boxes.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Display cannot be automatically turned off or DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD on shutdown/restart when L2 is used.
  • Possible hang or DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD on sleep/hibernate on some computers with L2 enabled.
  • DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD will happen if the amount of deferred write-data is too big and the computer takes too much time to write back deferred data at sleep/hibernate/fast-shutdown.
  • Possible BSOD in XP/2003 when Invisible Memory is used.
  • Fix the write amplification issue.
  • Fix the L2 read amplification issue (statistics: L2Storage Read > Total Read).
  • Trial version causes that Windows cannot successfully run the Chkdsk program on the system partition.
  • GUI program may not be responsive during operations that may take a long time, for e.g. to enable Invisible Memory, remove a cache task, flush/stop defer-write.
  • GUI program cannot automatically minimize to the system tray at Window startup on some computers.
  • In the cache task creation wizard, Defer-Write Latency value may not be correctly loaded if you switch among different profiles.
  • In the L2Storage Management Dialog, partition list is not refreshed after a second L2Storage volume is created.
  • Possibly log incorrect data to Windows Events on 32bit Windows.
  • When PrimoCache is expired, if plug out and then plug in an usb drive or any other removable drives, KERNERL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE BSOD will happen.
  • If the cache configuration of an empty task (no target volumes) is changed, and then a target volume joins to this task, unexpected problems will happen, usually KERNERL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE BSOD.
  • Possible hang if doing manual flush of deferred data and sleep/hibernate/hybrid-shutdown at the same time.
  • Unexpected problems or data loss when caching on media-removable drives.
  • Possible BSOD with L2 cache enabled if a cached volume device is unpluged from the computer.
  • Other bugs.

v2.7.3 (2017-05-02)

  • Fix bug: Windows 10 build 1703 may show "Scanning and repairing the volume \\?\Volume{xxx}..." messages during bootup if there is a level-2 storage volume.
    Note: To fix this error, you need to delete existing level-2 storage volumes and re-create them with v2.7.3.
  • Fix bug: When you double-click on a task/volume entry in the GUI main dialog, sometimes the configuration dialog does not pop up.

v2.7.2 (2017-04-17)

  • Fix bug: Windows 10 build 1703 cannot boot up with secure-boot on after PrimoCache is newly installed.
    Note: This is a driver-resigning version to v2.7.0, so all internal versions keep to "2.7.0" instead of "2.7.2".

v2.7.0 (2016-12-07)

  • Fix bug: Incompatible issue with some network adapters in Windows 10 build 14393, resulting in BSOD at bootup or network failure.
  • Fix bug: The GUI program looks bad in high-resolution screens. This issue exists in the version 2.6.0 only.
  • Fix bug: Still populates data to level-2 cache storage when the cache strategy is "write-data only".
  • Optimize: Remove the success message when creating a cache task to reduce operation steps.

v2.6.0 (2016-11-07)

  • Fix bug: Incompatible issue with Windows 10 EFS.
  • Fix bug: Incompatible issue with UWF in Windows 10 build 14393.
  • Fix bug: Incompatible issue with Apps from Windows 10 store.
  • Optimize: Increase compatibility with Windows 10 build 14393.
  • Change: In Windows 10, if source disk data are encrypted by EFS, Bitlocker, etc, this version stores encrypted data into cache, instead of decrypted data, in order to increase security.

v2.5.0 (2016-08-19)

  • Enable caching paging files. This helps improve the performance on 32bit Windows with Invisible Memory enabled.
  • Fix bug: Potential blue screen crash (Memory Management BSOD) on Windows 10.

v2.4.0 (2016-07-14)

  • General:
  • Improve the compatibility with Norton Ghost and other third-party programs.
  • Fix bug: When caching media-removable devices like SD cards, blue screen crash may happen if devices are removed and then inserted in.
  • Level-2 Cache:
  • Support to format partitions on dynamic disks as level-2 storage volumes.
  • Fix bug: Failed to format GPT partitions to level-2 storage volumes on some computers.
  • Fix bug: Potential blue screen crash while formatting GPT partitions to level-2 storage volumes.
  • Fix bug: Potential blue screen crash when a USB level-2 storage device is removed a short while after computer reboot and then plugged-in.
  • Fix bug: If a USB level-2 storage device is used and the computer sleeps or hibernates a short while after reboot, blue screen crash may happen on wake-up.
  • Fix bug: A SD card level-2 storage volume may not be recognized after computer reboot.
  • Fix bug: Cache contents may be reset when using a SD card level-2 storage volume.
  • CLI Application:
  • Fix bug: Commands cannot correctly output Non-English characters.
  • Fix bug: Command 'ls' cannot display the capacity of unrecognized volumes.
  • GUI Application:
  • Add option: Allow remembering the position of the main GUI window.
  • Optimize: Increase the display duration of tooltips from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Correct typos.

v2.3.0 (2016-06-06)

  • Fix bug: Possible blue screen crash with Norton Ghost and some third-party programs.
  • Fix bug: Defer-Write option "Flush on Sleep" does not work on few computers.
  • Fix bug: Unexpected errors while resuming from the hibernation state on few computers when the invisible memory is used.
  • Fix bug: Insufficient memory error when reconfiguring a cache task even though there is enough memory.
  • Add option: Do not preserve level-2 cache contents when the system is rebooted.
  • Add option: Do not clear level-2 cache contents even if they might be out of sync with source data.
  • Add option: Allow caching all kind of volumes, including proprietary and unrecognized volumes.
  • Optimize: Show the capacity of volumes that have not a recognized file system.
  • Optimize: Remember the main dialog size and list columns' width.

v2.2.0 (2015-11-30)

  • General:
  • Fix bug: Program becomes unregistered or expired after Windows is upgraded to 8 or later.
  • Fix bug: Cache statistics is not reset on Windows fast startup in Windows 8 or later.
  • Level-1 Cache:
  • Clear level-1 cache (MM) contents on Windows fast shutdown in Windows 8 or later to not affect the shutdown/boot time.
  • Add option to keep level-1 cache (MM) content on Windows fast shutdown.
  • Add option to clear level-1 cache (MM) contents on hybrid-sleep or hibernation to not affect the hibernation/resume time.
  • Optimize: prevent prefetch index information from being updated on Windows restarts in very short time.
  • GUI Application:
  • Fix bug: GDI objects leak.
  • Fix bug: Inappropriate drop-down value list for setting VM/IM cache size when editing the cache configuration in certain cases.
  • Fix bug: The setting box of IM cache size is greyed and cannot be changed in certain cases when editing the cache configuration.
  • Optimize: do not quit the dialog if the configuration is not appropriate when editing the cache configuration.
  • Embellish the cache configuration dialog.

v2.1.0 (2015-09-22)

  • Level-2 Cache:
  • Support to format GPT partitions as level-2 storage volumes.
  • CLI Application:
  • Add new commands: storage/edit/clear/status/perf/export/import/lic.
  • Support to import the cache configuration from a configuration file by the option '-t' for the command 'new'.
  • Support to operate all cache tasks at a time by the option '-a' for the command del/pause/resume/dwpause/dwresume/dwflush/clear.
  • GUI Application:
  • Activate the already running application instead of showing an error message when a user tries to open a new instance.
  • Automatically switch to the new selected language for the multilingual version.
  • Add options: Allow disabling warning and success messages when operating cache tasks.
  • Fix bug: It may take too much time to checking the new version and users have to wait when they open the application.
  • Fix bug: The application does not minimize to the system tray at Windows startup when the option "Launch with Windows startup" is ticked.
  • Fix bug: The display state of the system tray icon may not be correct in Windows XP.
  • Amend some message/help texts and correct typos.

v2.0.0 (2015-06-17)

  • Level-1 Cache:
  • Support to prefetch the last cache content on Windows startup.
  • Support hibernation when both Invisible Memory and Level-2 cache are enabled.
  • Fix bug: Windows crashes when changes level-1 cache size for an empty cache task.
  • Fix bug: Cannot change invisible memory size if all invisible memory is used.
  • Level-2 Cache:
  • Remove the dependency of Windows Performance Counter which may corrupt on few computers.
  • Speed up gathering cache data into level-2 storage.
  • Add option: Tune gathering speed when Windows is busy.
  • Automatically disable the level-2 cache function on volumes which have same underlying disk as level-2 storage.
  • Support maximum level-2 cache size from 1.5TB to 2TB (2044GB).
  • Fix bug: Incorrect error message when level-2 cache size is larger than 1.5TB.
  • Fix bug: Windows may suspend on entering standby/sleep or hibernation with level-2 cache enabled.
  • Fix bug: Level-2 cache may stop gathering cache data after Windows resumes from the hibernation.
  • Fix bug: Level-2 cache content does not persist across Windows restarts when level-2 cache overhead is big.
  • Fix bug: A possible race condition which may cause data error when loading the persistent level-2 cache content.
  • Fix bug: A volume was previously cached still loads level-2 cache content which may have been outdated when this volume joined the cache task again.
  • Fix bug: Cache tasks may load outdated level-2 cache content if a level-2 storage volume which was plugged-out is plugged-in.
  • Fix bug: Level-2 cache may not function if there were devices plugged in-and-out.
  • Fix bug: Windows may crash if a cache task waiting for a level-2 storage volume is deleted and then another level-2 storage volume for another cache task plugs in.
  • Defer-Write Feature:
  • Add write modes: Native/Intelligent/Idle-flush/Buffer/Average.
  • Add option: Flush deferred data on Windows standby/sleep.
  • Add option: Release cache blocks holding deferred data when these data are written to disk.
  • Add option: Do not flush deferred data on Windows shutdown (through CLI only).
  • Automatically disable Defer-Write feature if level-1 cache not specified.
  • Fix bug: C1 value in some hard disks increases fast with Defer-Write enabled.
  • Fix bug: Windows may suspend on entering hibernation with Defer-Write enabled.
  • Fix bug: Theoretically, Windows may suspend when flushing deferred write-data.
  • GUI Application:
  • Add function: System tray icon.
  • Add function: Operate all cache tasks by one click (through tray icon).
  • Add option: Tune the update time interval of performance statistics.
  • Add option: Automatically launch GUI application at Windows startup.
  • Add option: Minimize to system tray on the close of GUI application.
  • Optimize displays of performance statistics data.
  • Fix bug: Tip text may be not correctly updated when showing hidden part of performance statistics data.
  • Others:
  • Remove PrimoCache service.
  • Fix bug: Usb/external devices are not cached after computer restarts in Windows XP/2003.

v1.0.1 (2014-04-16)

  • Fix bug: Unexpected errors may happen on resuming from sleep/hibernation/shutdown(fast startup) if using USB devices as L2 storage.
  • Fix bug: Remove the noisy message "You need to format this disk..." each time USB L2 devices connect to computers on Windows Vista/7/8. (Note: this bug fix only applies for new L2 storage. For existing USB L2 storage, you need to re-format it to L2 storage.)
  • Fix bug: Extremely low probability crash when cache is working.
  • Fix bug: Unexpected errors such as crash when L2 cache is enabled, especially with Defer-Write enabled.
  • Fix bug: Cache strategy may not apply immediately when you change the cache strategy.

v0.9.9 beta (2014-01-28)

  • Fix bug: Computers may fail to boot up on Windows prior to Windows 7.
  • Fix bug: GUI program may crash on reconfiguration of a cache task.
  • Fix bug: GUI program may crash on creating a new cache task.
  • Fix bug: Changes may not apply if changing the configuration of a newly created cache task.
  • Fix bug: PrimoCache service may not function properly on Windows which is configured to not allow interactive services.
  • Fix bug: On 32-bit Windows, cache task disappears when removing cache on the last volume.
  • Fix bug: "Format L2" dialog instead of "Manage L2" dialog pops up, even though there is already a level-2 storage volume in the system, when users click "manage L2" button in the configuration page.
  • Tune the level-2 cache algorithm. Changing the default value of minimum frequency at which blocks are allowed to be cached into level-2 storage. In version 0.9.8 this value is 3, now is 1.
  • Support to set the minimum frequency at which blocks are allowed to be cached into level-2 storage (CLI only, option -f).

v0.9.8 beta (2014-01-20)

  • Completely change and improve the level-2 cache algorithm. PrimoCache keeps frequency of use data, and when system is idle, it stores high frequently used data to the level-2 storage.
  • Improve the cache algorithm to make better system response.
  • Add function: Command-line interface (CLI).
  • Add function: View/Edit the cache configuration.
  • Add function: Export/Import the cache configuration.
  • Add function: Automatically save & load the last configuration which is used to successfully create a cache task.
  • Add function: Add/Remove a volume to/from an existing cache.
  • Add function: Individually manage (pause/resume/flush...) a volume's cache state within a cache task.
  • Add function: Reset/Clear the cache content.
  • Add function: Reset the cache performance statistics.
  • Add function: Copy cache performance statistics to clipboard.
  • Support a cache configuration with level-2 cache only (level-1 cache size equals 0).
  • Add the option "MAX" for the level-2 cache size. With this option, maximum available level-2 storage space will be used for the level-2 cache.
  • Add the option "INFINITE" for the Defer-Write latency. With this option, PrimoCache don't sync deferred write-data to disk until the cache is full.
  • Improve the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Fix bug: On Windows prior to Vista, level-2 storage cannot be recognized after computer reboots.
  • Fix bug: Possible hang while flush/stop the defer-write.
  • Fix bug: Blue screen happened when trying to remove an usb level-2 storage device if this usb is being used by a cache task.
  • Fix bug: Failed to format raw partitions to level-2 storage on windows server systems.
  • Fix bug: Possible blue screen error when level-2 cache is enabled.

v0.9.2 beta (2013-10-28)

  • Fix bug: System may crash when level-2 cache is enabled.

v0.9.1 beta (2013-07-26)

  • The first release of PrimoCache. PrimoCache is derived from FancyCache, but it is completely redesigned and much different from FancyCache.

v0.1.0 beta (2010-05-04) - v0.8.0 beta (2012-04-19)

  • Releases of FancyCache which is the predecessor of PrimoCache.