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PrimoCache is a shareware program. You can download this program and try it for an evaluation period of 30 days with full functionality. If you want to continue using it after trial period, you should buy a license to permanently activate the program.

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Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an email which provides you with the license details activating your copy of PrimoCache. Most orders will be processed automatically, so you will receive the activation email shortly. Only a few orders will require review and be processed within one business day. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder to make sure that it is not accidentally put there. You may email us or post at our forum in case you still could not find the activation code.

PrimoCache has two types of the license: Personal License and Business License. With a Personal License, you can use PrimoCache for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment (typically - on your home computers). Otherwise, you should buy a Business License. A single Personal License authorizes you to use PrimoCache on one/two/three computers. A single Business License is restricted to exactly one computer.

Personal License (1 PC): non-commercial use. One user can activate one of his computers with one license.
Personal License (2 PCs): non-commercial use. One user can activate two of his computers with one license.
Personal License (3 PCs): non-commercial use. One user can activate three of his computers with one license.
Business License (1 PC): commercial use. One user can activate only one computer with one license.

As a licensed user of PrimoCache, you are entitled to lifetime free updates and technical support from us.


PrimoCache Desktop Edition

Personal License (1 PC) Personal License (2 PCs) Personal License (3 PCs) Business License (1 PC)
$29.95 $49.95 $69.95 $39.95

Note:If you currently use the former program FancyCache and do not want to upgrade to PrimoCache, you may buy a license of PrimoCache Desktop Edition and use it to activate FancyCache. Licenses for PrimoCache Desktop Edition are also effective for FancyCache.


PrimoCache Server Edition

Business License (1 PC) USD $119.00