FancyCache FAQ

Q: Does the cache still work if I close the FancyCache application? Shall I open and run FancyCache every time my computer restarts? It seems that FancyCache does not automatically start with Windows start-up.

A: After you click Start Caching button, the cache is always working even you close the FancyCache application or restart your computer. It stops working only when you click Stop Caching button or uninstall FancyCache.

Q: What is the difference between the Disk and Volume editions?

A: The Disk Edition is to cache for individual disks, while the Volume Edition for individual volumes/partitions.

Q: Is L2 Cache data persistent across computer restarts?

A: No. Currently it is not.

Q: What shall I do when 90-day trial expires? Is there a way to buy a license now? Do you have a price list?

A: FancyCache is still a beta testing version. When 90-day trial expires, you can continue using it by updating it to the latest version or downloading an extended trial license. FancyCache is not open for retail now, so the price list is also not released.

Click here to get the extended trial key file.