FancyCache Overview

FancyCache is a supplementary software caching scheme that cooperates with system memory to provide data caching for volumes/disks. It improves system performance by transparently storing data into memory such that future requests for that data can be served faster. FancyCache caches data on a logical block basis (offsets within a volume/disk) while windows cache manager caches on a virtual block basis (offsets within a file).

FancyCache can also utilize the OS Invisible Memory which is wasted on 32-bit Windows when 4GB memory or more is installed.


One of the FancyCache's core components is a storage class filter driver which resides in the storage stack, intercepting I/O requests for data on volume/disk. If requested data is contained in the cache, this request can be served by simply reading the cache, which is comparably faster. Otherwise the data has to be fetched from volume/disk. Hence, the more requests can be served from the cache the better the overall system performance is.

FancyCache Principle Fig. 1
FancyCache Principle Fig. 2

Main Features

  • Supports LRU (Least Recently Used) and LFU (Least Frequently Used) cache algorithms
  • Supports caching strategies: Read/Write Caching, Read-Only Caching and Write-Only Caching
  • Supports Write-Through and Write-Deferred modes
  • Supports OS Invisible Memory and SSD (Solid-state Drive) as Level-II cache
  • Supports caching for volumes or entire disks
  • Supports TRIM command for SSD
  • Supports visual performance monitor
  • Supports cache plug and play
  • Supports basic and dynamic disks
  • Supports NTFS junction point
  • Supports volume/disk with proprietary file system

Why FancyCache?

Why do we need another cache scheme since Windows OS has already implemented a file-system level cache?

  • Some applications bypass the file-system level cache.
  • Windows caches all data, while FancyCache can cache on behalf of a specified volume/disk in which users are interested. Given same size of system memory, the latter has a higher hit-rate.
  • FancyCache can utilize the OS Invisible Memory on 32-bit Windows as a cache medium.
  • FancyCache can utilize SSD (Solid-state Drive) as a cache medium, as ReadyBoost does.


FancyCache Main UIFancyCache Performance Monitor UI

Supported OS

Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2

More Information

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Now FancyCache is under beta testing!

A beta version of FancyCache version 0.8.0 is now available for testing. If you have a bit of time, we would very much appreciate it if you could install it, try out the features, and give us any comments you have.

The beta version (180-day testing period) can be downloaded from the below,

FancyCache Volume Edition: Download Sites

FancyCache Disk Edition: Download Sites

The trial key file can be got from here.

As always, we highly recommend that you test out the beta versions on a non-production machine. We are quite confident that the current build is stable, but it is always best to wait for a final release version. Beta testers should also make sure that they generate backups of the files and databases before testing.