Primo Ramdisk FAQ

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Q: What's the difference between Primo Ramdisk Standard, Professional, Ultimate and Server Editions?

A: Please see Edition Comparison Chart.

Q: I find that Standard Edition only supports "Maximum RAM Consumption" to 8GB. Provided that installed physical memory in my computer is 16GB, can I run Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition?

A: Yes, of course. "Maximum RAM Consumption" has totally no relation to the installed physical memory. It refers to the sum of memory amount used in all ram-disks/hybrid-disks. So here you still can create, for example, an 8GB ram-disk, or two 4GB ram-disks.

Q: How to update Primo Ramdisk to the latest version? Do I need to uninstall the old version first?

A: Download the latest version of Primo Ramdisk setup program, and then run this setup program following the wizard. After completion, you may need to restart your computer. You don't need to uninstall the old version at all before upgrade.

Q: I am a VSuite Ramdisk licensed user, is it free to upgrade to Primo Ramdisk?

A: If you purchased VSuite Ramdisk before 2012-04-05, you are able to upgrade to Primo Ramdisk without any charge. Please see VSuite Ramdisk Upgrade Policy.

Q: When I try to create a new virtual disk, I do not find any options to create an image file for this disk. How can I do?

A: 1. Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition does not support the image file feature. You have to use the Professional/Ultimate/Server Edition.
2. Currently hybrid-disks do not support the image file feature. And file-disks do not need the image file. So the image file options are only available to the ram-disks.

Q: I got an error "Failed to detect Invisible Memory! [0x00000002]" when I try to enable Invisible Memory. What can I do?

A: 1. Check if you have updated your Primo Ramdisk to version 5.5.0 or newer.
2. Make sure that your computer supports Invisible Memory and you have enabled Windows PAE feature.
See Invisible Memory Prerequisites.
3. You must run Primo Ramdisk with administrative privileges.

Q: I set Windows pagefile on ramdisk B:, but after booting I always get an error message saying that Windows failed to configure the pagefile.

A: Windows cannot support the pagefile on drive A: or B:, so please change the drive letter of the ramdisk to a letter other than A and B.

Q: What's the difference between Primo Ramdisk and PrimoCache since they both use memory to speed up computers?

A: See Primo Ramdisk Vs. PrimoCache.