Experience thus far

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Experience thus far

Postby swmspam » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:44 pm

I’ve run FancyCache for about three weeks.

Core i5
500GB Hitachi z5k500 HDD

FancyCache Configuration
Volume Edition
2048 MB lv 1
4kB Block Size LFU-R
600 seconds Release After Write with Averaging Write Amount
Readyboost enabled on 24GB SSD

My daily usage profile (Microsoft Office, Outlook, iTunes, Firefox) results in about 35% Read Hit Rate and 80% Write Hit Rate. Reducing lv1 cache size to 1024MB results in approximately 20% Read Hit Rate with almost no change to Write Hit Rate.

These statistics suggest that the Read Cache is marginally effective (35% hit rate), although much faster, compared to the 24GB Readyboost. The Write Cache is highly effective.

What would be helpful for analysis purposes is a FancyCache datalogger that would record the Performance Monitor for post-analysis. With datalogging, we could quantify write flushes, write buffer performance, read hits, etc. This is what “real” software testers do, no?

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