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Pool L1

Postby Mradr » Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:34 pm

L1 should be pooled as not all devices will be running and or using as much of their set aside cache. There for, L1 should be pooled/made into its own drive with L1 on the other drives just asking for their Max sides from the pool. Aka...

Drive R (Ram) is set at 512MB
Drive C: will be set to a max of 512 pirority 1
Drive D: will be set to a max of 256 pirority 2

Drive D isn't as much used as drive C, but it is still used once in a while requiring a speed bost when running programs off it (think movies, music, or games). Drive C is the main hard drive; drive C wont be used if it is reading off drive D so some of the pool memory can be used to load/write data for drive D, but still be limited so if drive C needs pirority back to load something else then it can steal it back.

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